Mickey Possingham

Personal contact details

Name: Mickey Possingham

Pronouns: they/them

Email: mickey at possingham dot net

There's a bunch of places you can find me online or contact me, this page is intended as sort of an index of those.

Websites etc

Kawaii Uguu Dot Moe is my silly anime blog. I don't update it that much but it's a place I can put writings and such, mostly about anime.

Mickey's Realm Of Interesting Things is my Neocities page... think of it as a throwback to the personal homepages of days gone by. I really need to update this more.

Youtube channels: My main channel, or the channel under my name, is mostly videos about physical media, retro video games, that sort of thing. Lots of unboxings of games, in general. Mickey P Music is my music channel, consisting largely of videos of me playing covers of songs on keyboard. This one hasn't been updated in a few years but it's still there if you want to see it.

Social media

Twitter: @micpp42. Feel free to follow me or drop me an @ or a DM if you want to chat.

Facebook: Mickey Possingham. I don't tend to post much that's publicly visible here but I do use Messenger, and people who know me are welcome to friend me.

Instagram: @micpp42. Prepare for selfies and photos of stuff I buy!

Letterboxd: micpp. Stalk my movie watching habits!

Discord: Mickey P#0448

Steam: micpp

battle.net: micpp#1918

LINE: micpp42

Mickey Possingham 2020